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  • steve59 from France

    Very nice, thanks you.

  • sailorkuma from United States

    Everything arrived with no damage, I will continue to use this shopping service!

  • ru-nutty from United States

    Another smooth and great transaction! Pleasure to business with Frugirls again! Frugirls always check for quality first before shipping and responds to emails quickly, thank you very much! Will do business again shortly!

  • chacket from United States

    Very easy to order, they took high quality photos. very fast communication, recieved just what i ordered. shoes are amazing, overall i am extremely satisfied

  • mik13em from United States

    On point

  • gshaw1997 from United States

    Too small, but good.

  • gshaw1997 from United States


  • gshaw1997 from United States


  • Anh Vu from Australia

    Received parcel in 3 weeks with SAl shipping to Australia. Thank you.

  • mike44 from United States

    Where all of the Nike Free models are similar is in the flexibility and feel of the sole. The Nike Free design works really well with my stride as I hate shoes that try to control my foot movement. The siping (grooves) in the sole allows my foot to contact and move into pronation very smoothly and I never feel like the shoe is controlling my movement. The only area where I have a bit of a problem is with the medial forefoot – I’d prefer a more solid base in this area as I tend to pronate a lot and the forefoot of the Frees can tend to bend/cave a bit in this are due to the siping close to the medial margin (the most medial sipe often fills with grit/gravel during my runs). One result of this for me is that I sometimes get a hot spot along the inner ball of my foot behind the big toe when running in Frees, and the 5.0+ is no different in this regard.

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